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Halegate Software is the developer of  "AimAdt," the "Array, Image, and Matrix ASCII Display Tool," a productivity tool for software developers

NEW!! Version 1.0.2 (the FULL Edition) of AimAdt is now available at no cost.

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Do you write code to manipulate images, mathematical matrices, or any other 2D numeric arrays?

Do you write that code using either Java or C/C++?

For Windows or Linux Systems?

Then you need to check out AimAdt !

AimAdt (pronounced 'Aim A-D-T')  isn???t another picture viewer. It is a GUI tool that lets you view the numeric values of arrays in a natural 2D layout, in many different display formats.

Key Benefits of AimAdt

  • AimAdt improves your productivity. No longer do you need to slog through memory dump windows or one-dimensional debugger lists to view the numeric values of your 2D array data.
  • AimAdt is portable. The standalone viewer application and the Java interface can run on any computer system that supports Java Version 1.4.2 or later.
  • AimAdt includes native C/C++ interface libraries, so you can get the benefit of AimAdt with your C/C++ code as well. (A Java 2 SDK is required.) C/C++ support is platform dependent, so check the Platforms page to see which platforms are currently supported.


Major Features of AimAdt

  • You can view in-memory and on-disk array-type data

  • You can view many standard image file formats (See the FAQ)

  • You can save the in-memory data to disk for later re-use

  • You can use it on Windows and Linux systems

  • You can use it with both Java and C/C++ code *

  • You can use it in both your GUI and console (command line) applications

  • You can use it as a standalone application to view existing data on disk, complementing your current picture viewing application

  • You can embed it in your development code and view both pre-selected in-memory data and existing on-disk data

  • You can view data on the fly within your debugger **

  • You can also view your 1D array (vector) data, since an n-element vector is simply a (1 x n) or (n x 1) 2D array

* To interface AimAdt with C/C++ code, a Java 2 SDK must be installed on your system.

** Actual capability depends on your debugger. See Using AimAdt With Debuggers for more information.

AimAdt also has many additional features to make your array-related code debug and test processes more productive. For a more complete feature list, take a look at the AimAdt features page. Next, take a look at the AimAdt FAQ list. Then, view screenshots of the AimAdt grid and control panel windows. Finally, download your free copy of AimAdt.

For the latest news on AimAdt releases, as well as further information on the use of AimAdt, visit the support page.

If you have any questions about AimAdt that are not answered elsewhere on this site, feel free to Contact Us for more information.


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