A Complete Currency Guide in SimCity buildit!

The developer of simcity buildit added lots of things and factors that help the children to make more interest. No one can say that simcity buildit is incomplete game because it fills with exclusive features. Currency plays a crucial role in the game because everything done by resources.

However, you can play the game with your friends and relatives by connecting your Facebook account with the game because it has multiple playing options. Surprisingly, if your friend will join the game, then you can take rewards in the form of currency. With the help of simcity buildit cheats android, you can upgrade the roads or buildings without using a single penny.

To know more about Resources

In simcity buildit, there are three types of funds available in the game, but all are work in their ways.

Types of Currency

•    Simoleons

•    SimCash

•    Golden Keys

How to Use Resources?

Every game lover wants to get complete knowledge about the places where they can easily spend the currency on useful things.

1. Simoleons – If you’re going to develop the city properly, then you have a huge amount of simoleons. Moreover, players can also upgrade the roads or buildings that help to make the way easier than before.

2. SimCash – With the help of SimCash, players are able to speed up the time-consuming process that allows the payers to save lots of time. Lastly, players can easily convert SimCash into Simoleons. It is not used at lots of places, but its role is essential.

3. Golden Keys – It is the premium Currency of simcity buildit, it is used by gamers to unlock or purchase different types of buildings that help the players to make a more beautiful city. If you want to buy every item without putting any effort, then you can use simcity buildit cheats android for unlimited resources and many more activities.