Top 5 tips for playing Game Of Sultans


Game Of Sultans game is made from several activities that give an experience about the king or sultan. How to play the game? So in this content, you get some tips for playing the game. Before we start, you need to get some knowledge about the game. If you have not played the game, then you need to know the machine of the game. It is difficult to understand at the very first time, but when you use to play, and then it becomes more comfortable for you.


  • Make use of free rewards

Most of the players forget to use the rewards which we have won by completing the task. Click on the backpack option; there is a list of rewards which you have earned. Select any one of them, which is useful for your game.

  • Use the lamp function

On the right side of the main screen, there is an option of the lamp, tap it. It is used to get a precious reward; you will get a drop of oil daily that is used to light the lamp.

  • Frontier

The frontier option is used for hunting. Through this, you can earn gold, tokens, and score points. You can use these gold coins to buy vizier’s rings, hat, clothes, and many more things.

  • Watch videos for diamond

Game Of Sultans has added a new option to earn diamonds. On the left side of the screen, click the video icon, and watch them. As much as videos, you can see you get more diamonds.

  • Participate in events

While playing a game, you might see some ads which interact with you to participate in some circumstances. If you want to earn tokens and gold coins, then you have to participate in events.

Thus, these are some tips for playing Game of Sultans.