WWE Mayhem – Let’s Introduced To Class Stats

WWE Mayhem – Let’s Introduced To Class Stats

The game WWE Mayhem is including different types of wrestlers. All wrestlers are categories into some specific groups. In the game, these specific groups are considered as the classes. Every class has one strongest class and one weakest class. It means one which can be easily beaten by it and one which can easily beat it. The players are required to make the selection of characters wisely and after paying attention to the concept of classes properly. In some modes, players are able to get knowledge related to the opponent’s class and players should use it for selecting the perfect character. From the below-mentioned points, players can know about the stats of classes –

  • If you are playing with wildcards then you can easily beat the technicians.
  • The powerhouse character holders are able to beat the high fliers.
  • For the brawlers, it is easy to beat the wildcards.
  • The showmen have the skills for defeating the brawlers without putting so much effort.
  • The high fliers categorised characters easily dominate the showmen.

How to collect in-game currency

Another thing on which players are required to pay more attention is the in-game funds. The collection of funds can allow the players to unlock new and powerful wrestlers & upgrade them. The game is featured with gold (the premium) and cash (the primary) currency. For the collection of both types of resources, players are required to perform different types of activities. Following are some ways to gather both –


  • When the level of players’ profile is increased at that time they receive an amount of gold.


  • For gathering a good amount of primary currency, players are required to win several matches.
  • The players have also an option or feature by which they can convert the gold into the amount of cash.